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Step by step: How to charter a private aircraft

Making the decision to choose a private flight instead of a commercial one seems simple, but for those who never had that kind of experience, many doubts may arise during the hiring process.

How much does a charter flight cost? Is it more convenient than a regular flight? What kind of private jet is best for my trip? What is the price of a private flight in Spain? Is it possible to reach the same airports as with a commercial flight?

Although it may seem that there are many things to take into account and decide for yourself, fortunately Emptyleg takes care of accompanying you throughout the process. In this post we will answer all the doubts you may have about private jet charter.

Easy and fast private jet charter

If you are interested in renting a private jet or charter flight for your next trip, the first (and most important) step is to know how to choose the right air broker. At Emptyleg, we have been providing the best private transfer services for over 29 years, from single-passenger jet flights to group jets, so we understand that it's not just about traveling, it's about taking care of all the details.

Those who are looking to charter a private flight are not only thinking about peace of mind and comfort during the flight, but also about the efficiency of a service designed so that passengers can enjoy their trip from beginning to end. This is why, at Emptyleg, we have developed an online private flight booking process that provides our clients with a site with the most modern user experience and highly personalized advice.

To fly in a private jet with us, access our online search engine and select the departure airport, the destination airport, the day, the desired time for your flight and the number of passengers. This information is essential so that, once the request has been sent, one of our consultants will contact you to perfectly organize your transfer and offer you the service that best suits your needs, whether it is renting a private jet or a charter flight.

Private flights: Your jet or charter flight is just a click away

Once you have completed the basic details of your trip, you will be able to find a selection of private jets and services on board, as we will always present you with different alternatives to meet all your needs. These first results are indicative and will depend on the chosen destination, chosen onboard services, date and number of passengers. If one of these options is the right one, you can send a request so that one of our consultants can contact you and offer you a personalized service, to bring you the best options on the market.

Private jets available every day, all year round

At Emptyleg we receive requests 24/7 and we respond to all of them within minutes. Once we receive the inquiry from our clients, we evaluate aircraft options and availability with strategic partners around the world. In this way, we can offer the ideal transfer adjusted to each need. After this search, we present all the available options and when the client confirms his choice, we make sure that everything is ready as requested, accompanying and following up professionally the whole process, from our website to the destination airport.


For every occasion, a different private flight

The rental of a private aircraft can be used for different reasons. Business trips, sporting events, business meetings, vacations with family or friends, medical flights and even some companies use them to entertain clients or executives. Whether for business or leisure, at Emptyleg we offer a wide variety of private flight services to suit the needs of each of our clients. We have access to more than 40,000 types of commercial aircraft and private jets worldwide, ad hoc routes and constant accompaniment through 24/7 operational monitoring and tracking. Can it get any better? Of course it can! Because when you charter your private flight with Emptyleg you travel without those long waits at the airports, you can choose the day and time of your flight and you can also customize important details for your trip such as the menu on board, the choice of VIP lounges at the airports or the type of press and entertainment you want to enjoy during the journey of your flight. With us, you choose how you want to enjoy your trip.

Rent a private jet with confidence and security.

When you propose to rent a private jet or charter flight, surely you are not only looking for a simple and quick process, but also to be able to do it with total peace of mind and confidence. That's why choosing us will be the best decision you can make to fly private. Your trip is backed by our almost three decades of experience in the private aviation sector. Throughout all these years, we have successfully operated more than 120,000 flights and transferred more than 12 million passengers to different destinations around the world. And this is only possible because each of the professionals who work with us have been trained to provide you with the best advice on private flights, private jets and charter flights, from the moment you send your request to the moment you pick up your luggage at the destination airport. That's our difference, when flying together you'll find us in every single detail.


Everything ready to take off on your next private flight with us.

Now you know, at Emptyleg we do more than just offer private plane transfers. We provide unique and unforgettable experiences for those who choose to charter a private flight to their next destination. Over the years we have perfected our services to provide the best possible personalized advice on private jets, charter flights and scheduled flights. Because we understand that no two private flights are the same and that every time one of our clients chooses us, they are choosing the peace of mind that only a company that travels with its clients from start to finish can offer.

So, if you have not yet experienced the satisfaction of chartering a private flight, try quoting your private plane in our search engine and start living the incredible experience of flying privately with us.

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