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How much does it cost to charter a private jet?

Find out how much it costs to rent a private jet with Emptyleg

If you're thinking about chartering a private jet or plane for your next trip, you've probably first wondered how much it costs to fly privately. In this article we're going to tell you everything you need to know about private flight rates, how they're made up and why it's best to hire experienced providers for private jet travel. 

Private flights vs. commercial flights

If you are one of those people who are passionate about travelling and discovering new destinations, you have probably been curious to know what the experience of flying in a private jet would be like, or at least what the price would be. So, here is everything you need to know about chartering a private jet.

By chartering your own flight, not only will you have access to a higher quality experience during your trip, but you will also enjoy a series of advantages that will transform it into a complete experience of exclusivity. Here are some of the advantages of chartering a private jet with Emptyleg:

  • No need to stick to a commercial flight schedule. If no flight fits into your schedule, with a private flight you can always choose the departure time (according to airport schedules).
  • You can land and take off at a wide variety of airports depending on the type of aircraft hired. By flying private, you will have access to more airports than with a commercial flight.
  • Privacy and discretion. Unlike scheduled flights, private flights allow you to travel discreetly and unobtrusively if you need to.
  • Adaptation. In the case of people who have special needs or simply want a series of requirements on board, flying in a private aircraft allows all kinds of requirements to be covered. 
  • Terminals and VIP lounges. When flying by private jet, you can often also board through the executive terminal and/or make use of the VIP lounges at airports.

How much does it cost to charter a private jet or aircraft?

When calculating the price of renting a private jet, there are several variables to take into account. Among the main variables that will define the price of your flight are: the type of aircraft to hire, seasonality, slot, handling, fuel, personnel, and finally, airport taxes. 

Types of aircraft for private flights

There are three categories of private aircraft that are usually hired depending on the distance, number of passengers or type of transfer: 

  • Jets or executive jets: "small" aircraft ideal for medium-haul flights and spacious enough to carry up to 17 passengers (depending on the type of aircraft). 
  • Private commercial aircraft: aircraft ideal for charter flights, whether on long or short routes. Their main advantage is that they can carry groups of 19 to 400 passengers and are classified as follows:
  • Regional.
  • Single Aisle.
  • Double Aisle.
  • Cargo aircraft or freighters: designed for the transport of goods, they have no passenger facilities and generally offer larger doors for loading and unloading goods.

Rental price according to seasonality

In terms of seasonality, private jet charter rates also vary according to the level of demand and point of origin/arrival. For example, a private jet to Ibiza in July is likely to be more expensive than in the low season (September to April and October to March). This is why it is important to have experienced commercial advice to find the option that best suits your budget and travel needs.

Cost of private travel by slot and handling

The estimated price of a private jet charter also depends on the slot and handling. When we talk about "slot", we are referring to the time interval that an aircraft has to perform a certain operation or manoeuvre at an airport. During this period of time, the commercial aircraft or private jet may use the airport infrastructures to carry out its flight operations. The delivery of this authorisation is in the hands of the airport management entity, which in most airports and aerodromes in Spain is Aena. 

Handling is the assistance provided to aircraft or jets on the ground and includes a series of services that your aircraft or private jet will be provided with from the moment it lands until its subsequent departure, such as baggage and passenger assistance.

Route, fuel and airport taxes

The following variables have the greatest influence on private flight rates: fuel and route (nautical miles/kilometres), flight hours and initial positioning of the aircraft. Fuel costs can account for up to 50% of the total price of a private flight.

Finally we have the airport taxes, which basically cover the costs that the airport or the airline that manages our flight, has to manage from the reception of passengers to the accompaniment and use of the runway of the aircraft. In the case of private flights, the fees vary according to the type of service, airport and the place you choose as your destination. 

If you want to have a quick look at the approximate rates, you can check our flight search engine by clicking here.

How much luggage can I take on a private flight?

On the other hand, the luggage capacity on private planes or jets is a detail to take into account when choosing the right aircraft. It is a common mistake to think that because it is a private flight it is possible to carry an unlimited amount of luggage. But the reality is that each aircraft has a maximum capacity in terms of volume and weight. The capacity of the holds is measured in cubic metres, so it will be very important for the company that manages your flight to know if you plan to carry large baggage. This is a fact that you should take into account when renting a plane or private jet and include it in the details of your request. Here is a quick formula to calculate the cubic metres of your luggage:
You will have to multiply the length, by the width, by the height of each piece of luggage and you will get as a result the volume in total cubic metres. Now you are ready to choose the plane or private jet that best suits your needs.

How to charter a private jet?

At Emptyleg we work to make every stage of your trip a unique experience. That is why, in addition to offering you a wide variety of private planes and jets, with the most varied comforts during the transfer, we make sure to provide you with a quality service from the moment you choose us. We have developed an exclusive booking process that provides you with a highly personalised service. It all starts when you choose the destination, the flight date, number of passengers and the rest is left in our hands to make several proposals to present to you. Once the request has been sent, one of our collaborators will contact you to finish organising every detail of your flight and offer you the best options on the market.

To meet all your needs, we have more than 40,000 commercial aircraft and private jets around the world, ad hoc routes, 24/7 operational monitoring and tracking. And not only we do offer you the most comprehensive private jet service, we have 29 years of experience, in which we have operated more than 113,000 flights and flown more than 12 million passengers around the world. We have an incredible group of professionals who work with us and are trained to provide you with the best advice before, during and after your flight. At Emptyleg, we place special emphasis on personalised and quality service.

Start your trip now! We invite you to get to know the incredible experience of travelling in a private jet with us.

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