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Flying with your own brand: The importance of experience

Customisation vs. Higher Satisfaction

The purpose of corporate image is not only to inform about the company’s activity but also to show what the company is really like.

Our 24-year experience has made it possible for us to come to the conclusion that the decisions our clients make are mainly based on safety, flexibility, profitability, proximity and 24/7 availability, but also on the possibility of using their image and corporate protocols when travelling by air.

Several studies revealed that the customisation of a product and/or service can directly increase the revenue and help build brand awareness. Therefore, higher levels of customisation have become a must in recent years, since clients are always after solutions that are somehow more customer-focused.

The customisation of services and/or products (class layout, meals onboard, service, seat headrests, customisation of audio material, etc.) and the service offered to the travel manager before, during and after the flight is crucial to make the passenger’s overall experience unique and also to make the travel manager happy. Because flying onboard your own aircraft is possible. 

If you really want your corporate experience to be absolutely positive, keep in mind that your clients and your brand always come first. 

Video customized flight experience, Athletic Club TV:

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