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Flying more than 3.200 passengers on the same day is possible

MICE – the flexibility of air transportation

Empty Leg managed 24 flights yesterday alone, carrying a total of 3.200 passengers to their destinations on the same day and at the same time.

How do we plan a flight of this nature? 



At Empty Leg we assess the requirements of each client and plan solutions in advance. Even though we can certainly arrange an operation within two hours from the moment the client gives us a call, flying almost 4,000 people on the same day entails a series of specific measures in order to guarantee higher profitability.

- We look for the aircraft that best meets the requirements in terms of price, capacity and service. We inform the client about the options we found and answer all questions that may come up.

- We take care of airport permits and procedures required by the airline.

- We are responsible for the passenger management. In addition, we process and supervise handling services.  

- Flight schedule.

- In situ assistance and support before / during the flight/s. 

- The flight and data are monitored in real time. 



- We adapt the departure time to the time requested by the client (depending on time-slot availability)

- On-board catering & service (according to the customer’s choice). 

- Booking of VIP rooms and/or special assistance at the airport



-  The passengers’ flight experience is fully customisable. There is a wide array of menus and drinks to choose from.

- Customisation of audio material aboard the aircraft 

- Press and/or entertainment available on board 

- Logo inside the aircraft. Possibility to customise headrests and other aircraft features.

At Empty Leg we coordinate all the details mentioned above, since the management and particulars of every single operation are assigned to a single contact person.   

For further information please email us at emptyleg@emptyleg.com at any time, any day of the year. We are available 24/7.

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