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Enjoy the company of your pet while you fly

Today it is possible for your faithful friend to enjoy your same comforts on private flights

Private flights are a very convenient alternative to travel with your pet with the best amenities. Nowadays, almost all private flight airlines have an animal transportation license and offer the option for passengers to fly with their pets free in the cabin.

Currently, it is possible to guarantee customized flights for you and your pets since it is possible to adapt the flight to their particular needs in terms of adapting a recreational space or preparing a personalized diet with fresh or processed foods depending on their dietary requirements.

However, although private aviation is much more flexible than regular air travel for your pets, there are a number of requirements necessary to travel:





Among Countries of the European Union:
1. Be identified with a microchip
2. To be vaccinated against rabies with a vaccine valid at the time of travel.
3. If traveling to a country at risk of rabies, a serological check should be carried out
4 If you are going to the United Kingdom, Ireland, Malta, Finland or Norway, in addition:
You must treat your pet against E. multilocularis between 24 and 120 hours before arriving in the country and in the specific case of the United Kingdom travel to a pet-friendly airport.

Did you know?
In some airports around the world, regulations are being implemented for which it is mandatory that there be a recreational area for pets inside the airport after passing the security filters


  1. 1. Know the legal requirements
  2. 2. Make sure your pet is in good health - Recommends medical review 10 days before the flight to obtain a recent vaccination certificate
  3. 3. Consider carefully if you need medication. - If a pet exercises is adequatel and limited water and food are well managed the need of medication drops - depending on their age (go to your Vet)
  4. 4. Limit unnecessary food and drink, this will avoid fatigue discomfort for the pet in an unfamiliar environment.
  5. 5. Exercise before and after the flight
  6. 6. Travel with familiar objects

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