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Charter flights to Malaga

Find the perfect private flight to Málaga

Are you looking to charter a private jet for your flight to Malaga or perhaps you need to fly from Malaga Airport to another destination? Whatever your situation, you've come to the right place. Read on and discover essential information to ensure your charter flight to Malaga is a seamless experience.

Rent a private jet from/to Malaga

Renting a private jet or private aircraft to Malaga allows you to make the most of the opportunities that this city has to offer, whether for business travel, conferences or personal getaways. 

Malaga attracts professionals, business people and tourists from all over the world. Whether your trip is for business or pleasure, chartering a private jet with Emptyleg is the most exclusive and flexible way to get to Malaga. Imagine being able to customize every detail of your transfer: from flight schedules, to the number of passengers and services on board. At Emptyleg, we make sure you enjoy a carefree private flight.

Don't underestimate the importance of flying by private jet. Avoid the restrictions of commercial flights and unnecessary layovers. In addition, with our exceptional and personalized service, you will maximize your time and enjoy the comfort and luxury that only a private jet can offer. 

Experience the exclusivity and flexibility of chartering a private jet to or from Malaga. At Emptyleg, as an airline broker with over 30 years of experience in the industry, we understand your needs and are here to answer all your questions before you embark on this unique adventure. Contact us today and find out how we can make your private flight to Malaga a perfect and memorable experience.

Types of private flights to Malaga

In 2022, Malaga Airport welcomed more than 1.8 million passengers. Not surprising, as the capital of the Costa del Sol is gaining recognition as the "new Barcelona". With its beautiful sandy beaches, historical monuments and rich cultural offerings, Malaga offers a unique experience that you can enjoy when you choose to fly by private jet.

Here are some of the reasons why you can choose to charter a private flight to Malaga:

  • Historical Tourism: the city has a historic center where most of its attractions are concentrated. In its charming streets you will find the Plaza Marina, the Plaza de la Constitución, the Gibralfaro Castle, the Chinitas passage and the picturesque Calle Larios, among other historical attractions of this city. 
  • Culture: Malaga combines a particular and unique cultural variety due to its status as a cosmopolitan city. One would expect nothing less from the city that saw the birth of Pablo Picasso and today is home to residents from more than 30 countries around the world. At any time of the year, if you travel to Malaga you can enjoy plays, musical shows of the most renowned artists and art exhibitions.
  • Gastronomy: The typical gastronomy of Malaga takes its main flavors from the seafood cuisine and combines it with the typical recipes of the Andalusian gastronomy. In this region you can enjoy several Michelin star restaurants, most of them are located in the city of Marbella, 60 km from the city of Malaga. Some of the most famous are: Skina, Kaleja and José Carlos García.

Malaga Airport

Established as an air base in 1919, the International Airport of Malaga-Costa del Sol ranks first among the airports of Andalusia and fourth in terms of traffic volume among the airports of Spain. It is located eight kilometers from the city center and is one of the three airports that participated in the first air route in Spain. It has two runways and three terminals, one of which is exclusively for private aviation and offers passport control and VIP lounges.

Plan your next private flight to Malaga

Renting a private flight to Malaga is simple and fast. At Emptyleg we have a professional and expert team that will handle your private flight request from start to finish.

Are you flying with pets? Good news! You won't need a cage or carrier, as they can travel freely with you in the cabin. You can find out more about flights with pets in this link.

When to fly private to Malaga?

Malaga is considered one of the best tourist destinations in the peninsula because its proximity to the sea and its location make it have a pleasant climate during most of the year. If you are a lover of beach life and heat, the ideal time to fly by private jet to Malaga is between June and August. However, if you don't enjoy the summer heat so much and prefer a quieter atmosphere, the months between November and January are the ones for you.

Price of chartering a jet to/from Malaga

If you are thinking of renting a private jet to fly to or from Malaga, you need to know that the price does not only depend on the number of passengers, but is also composed of several factors such as the time of year, the total distance to travel, taxes and airport taxes.

We know what you need and expect from a private flight to Malaga, that's why we offer you a premium, safe, fast and efficient service. Our team is ready 24 hours a day to receive all your questions and concerns, click here to contact us.

Additional services on our private flights

At Emptyleg, we not only take care of the logistics of your private flight, but through our On Board Service department you will be able to opt for a wide variety of extra services during your private jet transfer to Malaga.

  • Terminal Personalization: You will have the possibility to personalize the counters, logos, carpets, flowers, etc.
  • VIP lounges at the airport: We provide you with VIP lounges where you can enjoy the tranquility and comfort prior to your flight.
  • Personalization of the exterior of the aircraft: with the image of your company or the event in which you are participating.
  • Personalization of the interior of the aircraft: You can customize the seat headrests, the welcome voices or the catering, among other possibilities. 
  • In-flight accompaniment: we offer you the possibility of having our team of experts on board, who will accompany you during your flight, will be in charge of supervising the operation and will keep you personally informed of every detail.

How to book a private jet to Malaga

At Emptyleg, we offer a practical and agile consultation and booking process to make chartering a private jet to Malaga very simple. First we invite you to consult our flight search engine and submit your request. Our consultants will quickly contact you to offer you the different options and services for your private flight.

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