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Charming cities to go at Christmas with Emptyleg.

We will tell you about the exciting experience of traveling at Christmas and all that the different Christmas destinations have to offer. But we will not talk about the typical destinations to go at Christmas, such as Prague, New York or Lapland, but about real hidden gems that are a little less known at this time of the year. Join us on this journey through markets full of flavors, streets full of magic and Christmas traditions, in what will be the most popular Christmas destinations in December 2022.

The best destinations for Christmas travel in 2022.

The end of the year is approaching and the magic of Christmas begins to bloom in cities around the world. People dressed up as Santa Claus, music, color and endless outdoor activities flood the streets. That special charm that is only experienced during this season activates our Christmas spirit and encourages us to visit places that, normally, would not attract our attention at any other time of the year. Who wouldn't want to ride a reindeer sleigh or visit a charming town with Christmas decorations in December? However, although we all like to spend Christmas away from home and discover new places full of magic, often choosing a single destination to travel to at Christmas can be a big challenge.

Among the European cities with the greatest Christmas tradition we can find Vienna, Prague, Colmar, Brussels and Amsterdam, all of which have beautiful Christmas markets where it is possible to buy all kinds of unique souvenirs for family and loved ones. London, Toronto and Sydney are also very popular destinations, which are especially enjoyed during Christmas Eve, when large Christmas trees and endless lights take over the city. But, if you really want to experience Christmas and stroll through streets enchantingly illuminated with Christmas lights, here are three vacation destinations that will make you love this time of year even more.

Which are the best Christmas destinations?

Although there are thousands of cities in the world to visit on this date, we have selected our favorites, so you can fly to them with all the guarantees offered by our private charter services.

For Christmas lovers, this time of the year is the ideal time to travel to visit the famous Christmas markets in Prague or skate on the mythical ice rinks of the Big Apple in New York. However, Christmas magic does not only exist in the big capitals. So if you are looking for a different place to travel this Christmas, do not miss the destinations we recommend in this post full of Christmas magic.

Destinations like Alsace, Bergen and Bernkastel-Kues Miles dress up with lights and become huge Christmas shows that dazzle tourists every December. Let's take off!

Alsace, the new capital of Christmas.

Our journey begins in northeastern France, near the borders of Germany and Switzerland, in what promises to be one of the best cities to travel this Christmas. In this small historic region of France, called Alsace, you will find a magnificent Christmas route that will take you through a dozen beautiful villages, all prepared to the last detail to celebrate Christmas. Small and decorated houses that reflect pure tradition, Christmas markets full of exquisite local flavors and the comforting warmth of its people, are some of the things that await you on this magical Christmas journey. Finally, you can not miss the capital, Strasbourg, the star of this Christmas tree that we are forming through Alsace. A city that faithfully reflects the culture and natural beauty of the region. There, in addition to the unique views that can only be enjoyed at this time of year, you can visit one of the most incredible Christmas markets in the region. This year, thousands of tourists are expected to arrive from all over Europe and the world to discover the many emotions and sensations that Alsace has to offer as a Christmas getaway. Definitely a must in the Christmas destinations 2022.

Bergen, a Christmas between the mountains and the sea.

On the coast of southwestern Norway, surrounded by imposing mountains and incredible fjords, lies Bergen. A magical place that blends in perfect harmony, a stunning natural landscape and great tradition for Christmas celebrations. Walking through its beautiful streets decorated with lights and snow, you will find the famous and charming Christmas markets. Picturesque stalls full of magic, with their Christmas colors and typical flavors of the region, flood the imagination of every person who chooses Bergen as one of the destinations where to travel at Christmas. But this city not only offers beautiful markets and picturesque streets. If we walk around it, we will find an imposing landscape, which begins with large snow-capped mountains and ends at the old pier, picturesque wooden houses painted in colors, complete a landscape that surrounds this incredible Norwegian city that seems taken from a fairy tale.

But if there is something that will really surprise you in Bergen this Christmas is the construction of an incredible city of gingerbread houses. This tradition, which has been going on for many, many years and in which Bergen's residents participate by bringing their own cookie houses, is an attraction that we can safely say is unique and exclusive to this Christmas destination.

Bernkastel-Kues, Christmas magic is hidden in the Moselle Valley

Our last Christmas getaway takes us to the Moselle River, whose course runs along the borders of Germany, France and Luxembourg. This time we will enter in to the German part of the valley, where the meanders of the river form a route that will steal all the attention this Christmas. Along the way you will find Bernkastel-Kues, an incredible place that will steal your heart. Although Bernkastel-Kues can be visited at any time of the year, we recommend going at Christmas. One of the most curious features of this city is the decoration of the town hall, which is dressed as an advent calendar during these dates. A postcard worthy of enjoying with a glass of Riesling, an exquisite typical wine of this German region, which promises to be the protagonist in the Christmas of 2022. In addition, as any city with Christmas tradition, you can not miss the markets and promenades that invite you to explore its beauty and typical gastronomy of these dates, while we wait for the time to embrace each other and shout MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Emptyleg: the ideal ally for your Christmas vacations

Christmas is a time full of emotions and reunions, especially if you enjoy traveling and discovering new experiences, flavors and cultures. That's why we offer the best service in international private flights. So that your Christmas destinations, as well as your flights to them, are magical. In short, whatever your choice this year, do not hesitate to enjoy the Christmas traditions in the company of your family and friends flying by private plane to the best Christmas destinations for December 2022.

If you already know where to travel this Christmas and want to find the best deals to fly by private jet, access to our search engine by clicking on this link and book your private jet or charter with Emptyleg. We will be happy to welcome you on board and take you to the city of your choice for your Christmas vacations.

Merry Christmas!

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