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Private jets: When time is gold

Business aviation, a symbol of privilege and enjoyment, is a strategic instrument that can give you more for your money.

The greatest possible flexibility, speed and availability is in the sky, however, it is not on scheduled airline flights. Optimal travel time and the productivity bonus of being able to meet on board are provided by private jets, as well as the extraordinary possibility of connecting remote communities.

While in 2017 some 16,000 airline business itineraries involved three or more stopovers, wasted hours and overnight stays, according to the European Business Aviation Association (EBAA) private business aviation offered 383 more destinations with point-to-point connections (an increase of 178%) than scheduled nonstop commercial aviation.

How is it possible that private planes go "everywhere"?

Because they can take off and land from both airports and aerodromes; commercial airliners, however, can only operate from airports. Providing they have aeronautical information, private planes can comfortably cater for passengers, submit flight plans and select refuelling points. These aircraft offer a ‘point-to-point’ air transport service to 4,000 aerodromes in Europe, compared to only 350 commercial airports. Security and customs procedures are faster, with no flight congestion and at the same time there is the attraction of getting to know new environments. The price is high, but the experience factor is unique and transporting a large team of people at one time ensures logistical excellence at major events, for which purchasing regular flights from airlines can come in at the same price and require much greater coordination. All this, together with the enjoyment factor, explains why in 2017 there were 700,000 business aircraft movements in Europe alone, with Christmas Day being the high point.

Not all private jets are the same and their price varies considerably in proportion to luxury interiors and other features. But from the Cessna to the Falcon, all of them offer comfort and exclusivity.

In 2017 Richard Kow, general director of the flight activity analyst WINGX Advance GmbH, published that private jet contracting grew by 10% in Europe in accordance to a growing environment and because of their comparative value: they save as much time as possible.

Most Popular Jets in 2017. Source: WINGX

falcon 2000 private jet

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