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Top 5 Reasons to Fly Private

The demand to fly by private jet keeps rising.

The private aviation industry has experienced significant growth in recent years and especially since March. Now more than ever is time to fly private.

1. Privacy and Safety 

Privacy and safety are by far some of the greatest benefits of flying private. Getting access to private airport terminals for maximum privacy. On board, the crew has been trained following the strictest action protocols and on all flights and they are equipped with all PPE recommended by the health authorities. All flights are carried out minimising contact between passengers to reduce any risks, among other measures. Every time a customer requests a private flight, a complex machinery is put into operation to ensure flawless logistics, including ensuring the highest standards of air safety.

The interior of a Cessna Citation XLS

2. Save time and avoid queues

Leave long queues behind and avoid having to be at the airport two hours before the flight. On a private flight, enjoying time should only be your main concern. Get a private check-in, avoid unnecessary stopovers or delays. Nowadays, many companies use private jets to fly their executives and employees as this means they can save over 5,000 hours flying time a year.

3. Enjoy a tailor-made experience

Customisation is a key element of flying in a private jet. The flying experience is in the details: more space, a personalised experience, inflight dining options on board with selected menus to satisfy any specific taste or need, and no luggage restrictions. When flying in a private jet, luggage waits for the client and never the other way around. Better yet, pets can also travel on board.

Pets welcome!

4. Fly to any destination 24/7

No matter when, flying on aprivate jet is the most flexible travel option. You can choose the size of the aircraft, the dates, the schedule. Whether you are flying for business or leisure, the flight schedule adapts to the specific needs of the traveller. There is no pressure of a specific time, with a private jet you can arrive at the terminal fifteen minutes before the plane takes off, set the time you want to fly and make changes on a short notice.

5. Access greater airport connections

Flying privately allows you to get closer to your ultimate destination and being able to travel to more locations. Since private jets can fly in and out of regional airports worldwide, they can get you to more locations, and closer to your ultimate destination, than their commercial counter parts. Around 500 airports in Europe are operated by commercial airlines, but there are about 5,000 airports and airfields that can be reached by private jets. That means less time traveling and more time enjoying the flight experience.

Fly where and when you need it

From saving time to having a tailor-made service, flying private has never become such a necessity. When planning a flight, there is no better way to ensure privacy, comfort and safety than by flying private.

How to rent a private jet?

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