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Airbus  ACJ319 neo

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Airbus ACJ319 neo Airbus

Airbus launched the new version of its famous ACJ319 business jet in order to simplify the features, increase speed and save space in the cabin. Business jets are perfect when it comes to transferring the client's lifestyle to the aircraft design. The ACJ319 is the most popular version in the business jet family manufactured by Airbus. The launch of the Elegance version means that aircraft owners can entirely choose the interior design.

  • Airbus ACJ319 neo Airbus

    • Passengers: Up to 8
    • Type: VIP
    • Range (max.): 6,000 nm / 11,100 km
    • Length: 111 ft 0 in / 33.84 m
    • Cabin Width: 12 ft 1 in / 3.7 m
    • Maximum Take Off Weight (Tones): 76.5
    • Ceiling: 41,000 ft / 12,500 m

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