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Citation III

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Citation III Cessna

The Citation III private jet is the perfect combination of performance and comfort. The interior of the Citation III was designed to make it look bigger. The special lights and widow design guarantee a bright and indirect light, making the cabin seem larger and more open. One of the beast features of the Citation jet is its speed. It was designed to reach a higher cruise speed than any other midsize jet and to fly longer distances. Summing up, Cessna's idea was to build a private jet that would meet the passengers' requirements in terms of range and speed, but still maintaining a high-level performance.

  • Citation III Cessna

    • Passengers: Up to 11
    • Type: Medium Size Jet
    • Maximum Cruise Speed: 875 km/h
    • Range (max.): 2.038 nm / 3.774 km
    • Length: 55 ft 6 in / 16.92 m
    • Cabin Width: 0.0000
    • Maximum Take Off Weight (Tones): 9,9
    • Ceiling: 51,000 ft / 15545 m

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