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Citation Mustang

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Citation Mustang Cessna

The Citation Mustang is a top performer in the light jet category. It combines good performance, efficiency and style. The cabin interior is comfortable and spacious. However, the most noticeable advantage is probably its generous baggage storage capacity. Its modern, ergonomic interior design delivers even more comfort on board. The cockpit is equipped with the latest avionics technology. This aircraft can land and take off from short fields mainly used by turboprop planes. Therefore, the Citation Mustang offers users the possibility to fly to many more airports.

  • Citation Mustang Cessna

    • Passengers: Up to 5
    • Type: Very Light Jet
    • Maximum Cruise Speed: 630 km/h
    • Range (max.): 1,200 nm / 2.222 km
    • Length: 40 ft 7 in / 12.37 m
    • Cabin Height: 54 in / 1.37 m
    • Cabin Width: 55 in / 1.40 m
    • Maximum Take Off Weight (Tones): 3,9
    • Ceiling: 12 500 m

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