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Airbus A320

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Airbus A320 Airbus

The cabin designed by Airbus for the A320 family meets the needs of the passengers of today and tomorrow. It offers passengers greater comfort compared to other aircrafts in its category. The new cabin has a new design, considerably larger overheard luggage compartments, exceptional ambient lighting options and is less noisy. The first A320 entered service in April 1988 and soon became the standard model in terms of comfort and efficiency on short- to mid-range flights. Offering two configurations – a two-class seating configuration for 150 passengers and 180 passengers for charter and low-cost flights – the A320 operates worldwide and flies short-haul across Europe and coast to coast routes in the States. The A320 is also more attractive than other planes because of its new maximum take-off weight, which has been increased to 78 tonnes. This feature allows for an increase in the range from 3,000 to 3,200 nautical miles (with no Sharklets).

  • Airbus A320 Airbus

    • Passengers: Up to 189
    • Type: Single aisle
    • Maximum Cruise Speed: 0.82 Match
    • Number of Engines: 2
    • Range (max.): 3.700 nm / 6.850 km
    • Length: 123.3 ft / 37.57 m
    • Cabin Width: 12 ft 1 in / 3,70 m
    • Maximum Take Off Weight (Tones): 78,0
    • Maximum Altitude: 39,000 ft / 12,000 m

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