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Frequently Asked Question below

  • Are flights arranged by Empty Leg safe?

    Empty Leg only collaborates with providers meeting the highest safety standards and that guarantee their aircraft have passed all mandatory inspections required by law.

  • What does UTC stand for?

    The abbreviation UTC stands for Universal Time Coordinate, previously known as Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) or Zulu Time (Z). There are several time zones in the world due to the Earth's rotation. This led to the local time at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich being adopted as the global time standard in 1675. The local time indicated by Empty Leg is always UTC. 

  • What do ETD and ETA stand for?

    ETA stands for Estimated Time of Arrival. It is the local time an aircraft is expected to arrive at the airport of destination. Likewise, ETD or Estimated Time of Departure is the local time an aircraft is expected to take off from the airport of destination.

  • What is a technical stop?

    Technical stops refer to any mandatory stop to refuel or carry out any other maintenance operation before the aircraft heads for the airport of destination.

  • What is de-icing?

    In winter we can often see airport workers spraying a fluid on airplanes from cranes and trucks specially designed for that purpose. They are not cleaning the airplane, they are actually removing ice, frost or snow from the wings and fuselage that has accumulated while parked. Furthermore, de-icing fluids help temporarily protect the aircraft from ice formation. Scientists refer to this process as aircraft decontamination, de-icing or Clean Aircraft Concept. De-icing is fundamental before taking off. According to the basic safety regulations, any aircraft is not allowed to take off as long frost, ice or snow has stuck to the airplane. The decontamination of a midsize airplane such as a A320 or a B737 usually takes about 5 minutes. If you are travelling to cold regions, you should bear in mind that de-icing is mandatory in wintertime and, therefore, it may lead to slight variations in the schedules.

  • Does Empty Leg monitor my flight?

    Absolutely. Our Operations Department monitors all flights 7/24 and keeps you updated on the status of all operations. We send you updated information before and during your flight.

  • Can I use VIP lounges with Empty Leg?

    We always help you and your travel companions get access to VIP lounges as long as the airport you choose has one. This service, as well as the customisation of specific airport areas, are services we render in addition to our charter service. Our Inflight Department will inform you about our additional customisation services available on land and on board.

  • How much luggage can I take with me on board a private flight?

    It really depends on the type of aircraft and how many passengers are on board.

  • Can I take my pet on board?

    In Empty Leg we process all your requests and we inform you punctually. As long as the airline authorizes the application, with Empty Leg you can travel with your pet in cabin. We can even organize an air transfer just for your pets to any part of the world. Contact us with no commitment. 

  • What is an air broker?

    An air broker is a person who arranges the renting of charter flights by liaising between all agents taking part in the flight planning. At Empty Leg we act as intermediary between private clients, companies, tour operators, airports, providers of onboard services and/or airlines in order to find the service that best suits our clients' requirements.

  • To what extent can weather affect my private flight?

    Weather conditions influence the regularity of air trafficc. At Empty Leg we are constantly checking your airports and route weather conditions, keeping you informed at any time. 

  • How far in advance do I have to book my private flight?

    At Empty Leg we can arrange a flight for you in just 2 hours upon receipt of your request. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • Why does Empty Leg have “indicative prices subject to availability?

    If quotation is requested with much time in advance we will quote the best option at the time of your request. The prices we offer will be subject to availability as it may change over time. In Empty Leg we will inform you if the availability of the plane is modified and, as always, we will work to offer the best option.

  • What does it mean when an estimate is subject to slot availability?

    Airports schedule successive landings and take-offs at the different runways during a specific time period. In other words, the so-called airport slots refer to the time available for landing and take-off. At busy airports, regular lines usually have priority when slots are allocated. Therefore, charters are normally subject to the air traffic volume at specific dates and times. That's why we sometimes specify that your flight is subject to slot availability. The time of departure of your flight might suffer slight changes due to orders received from airport authorities. However, at Empty Leg we remain by your side throughout the entire process and keep you informed about every single detail before, during and after your flight.

  • What airports can I fly to with Empty Leg?

    We can fly you to any airport in the world. We study the viability of your flight and give you the most convenient, affordable option.

  • What sort of aircraft does Empty Leg offer?

    We can charter any aircraft available in the market at the time we receive your request. Turboprop aircraft, private jets, commercial airplanes, regional or VIP-configured aircraft, etc. Our large database includes more than 42,000 aircraft at your entire disposal worldwide.

  • Why collaborate with Empty Leg ?

    There are a large number of operators in the market, yet not all of them take all needs into account: airports without direct flights, waiting, lack of customisation options, too many passengers, etc.  At Empty Leg we offer a close service and an absolute personal treatment before, during and after your flight. We identify our clients' needs and find the product that best meets their requirements. We have an extensive network of contacts that we have gathered throughout 25 years of experience. Flights at all airports worldwide, absolute flexible hours, reduced waiting time, customisation of on board services, technical route analysis, dispatch processing at airport, onboard assistance (if required), flight monitoring 7/24. In short, we offer much more than just charter flights, we offer a comprehensive and fully personalised service so that clients and passengers have nothing to worry about.

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